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Female voiceover Emma Thurston

So, you’re searching for a female voiceover – bingo – you did good clicking! I know you want to crack on and listen to the demos, but while you’re here check out the video of our groovy studio video, meet my husband and fellow voiceover, Colin Day, and learn how to get fast, free auditions.

Female voiceover… that’s me then!

I always say I did my first voiceover by mistake(!) in 2005 and got the bug immediately.  I was lucky enough to book some major campaigns quite early so I turned professional soon within a few months and voiceover has been my life ever since.  There are probably hundreds of female voiceovers out there, and I can’t say I’m perfect for every project, but I’ve got some wonderfully kind and loyal clients who keep coming back, so I guess I’m doing something right.

 If pushed, I’d say narration is my favourite genre – I really enjoy the long-form stuff, but I’ve been fortunate to voice many commercial campaigns too.  There are tons of real world examples on my demo page.  Maybe you’d like a custom demo?  Couldn’t be easier – just get in touch today.

Things have really changed since the days of big voiced barrel chested baritone male announcers.  Female voiceovers are popping up everywhere.  From luxury car commercials to sport and beer, here come the girls!


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