Narration preparation, the Colin Day way

Around half of the work that we do involving narration scripts takes place outside of the recording booth, before we even think of hitting the red button and committing our audio to tape.

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E-Learning v/o’s?

You’re in safe hands. KPMG, Unilever, Nestlé and KwikFit all agree….

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Tricky Two Hander?

Nagging wives and dopey husbands are a speciality…

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Vovox cables

When it comes to voiceover recording, can a cable make a difference?

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Nick Whittaker acoustic design

Voiceover studio design? It all starts with a good room…

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Klaus Heyne voiceover mic

The perfect voiceover mic?

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Burl converters

For voiceover it’s got to be Burl…

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