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Emma Thurston

Ok, in a nutshell: I was born in Surrey, trained at Elmhurst, but my dance career was painfully short. I went backstage. Then in 2006 did a voiceover by accident and about 18 months later found myself doing v/o full-time.

The work

I enjoy all kinds of voiceover work and I’ve been lucky enough to voice TV and radio commercials for some household names but, if pushed, I’d say narration is my favourite genre. I like a nice long script to get my teeth into.


It’s sometimes a challenge – especially the highly technical stuff – but it’s amazing how much knowledge you pick up along the way and I get real a buzz from telling a compelling story. Good preparation really helps, so my working motto is ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail.’

My picky partner

Working with Colin? Well, he’s a picky perfectionist with ears like a cat and though he likes to think he’s in charge, a quick slap soon puts him in his place! Seriously, he’s a great support and my best working buddy. Makes a nice cuppa too – though not nearly as often as he should.


I like my sunlight dappled and moonlight full beam. Oh – and if you’re buying, it’s Southern Comfort, straight up, no ice! Thank you.

Colin Day

In my case I was a DJ/Promoter around the Midlands with a passion for Soul Music. My first radio gig came in 1982 and that’s when I started doing the odd v/o part-time.

Radio days

Radio consumed me for three or four years, then Central TV came knocking with a contract to do live continuity announcing. That led to more voiceovers and before long I was a full-time v/o travelling the country with a strange haircut and a mobile phone the size of a small house.

Home studio

Built my first studio at home in 1990 and I started a “voice-overnight” service. No internet back then. The work went out by courier – often on quarter inch tape. I don’t miss editing with a razor blade – that’s for sure.

Fast forward a decade or so…

Met Emma in 2005 and we began working together almost right away. Wedding bells rang out in 2008 and we formally launched our company Thurston Day Ltd soon after. Obviously I’m her biggest fan and completely in awe of her talent – but don’t tell her will you?

More than 30 years since my v/o debut, I can honestly say I’m learning more now than ever before.  Every day brings a new challenge and I couldn’t enjoy it more.

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